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Steve Powell


Steve Powell is the quintessential FCA pioneer, volunteer, donor and board member. In FCA, which is “volunteer-driven,” he has been a compelling force from the ministry’s beginning in the Northeast Region. In the early 2000s, Powell introduced FCA to the Rochester area before it had full-time staff. He organized FCA Lacrosse teams and led overnight camps. When staff were finally introduced to the area in 2010, Powell served as an original board member for Upstate New York. He quickly began sharing his experience with the team, going above and beyond his role as a board member by volunteering for events and camps and taking on various duties, just happy to serve in any role. To Powell, there is no job “beneath” him, and he always takes a job and looks for ways to make it better.

So much of FCA’s ministry in the Northeast Region can be traced back to its humble beginnings in which this volunteer dad and coach leveraged his time, treasure and talent for God’s purposes. Powell’s influence has been felt by many leaders, and lives have been changed for eternity because of his involvement and pioneering spirit.

“Steve has sparked countless new initiatives through his involvement with our team,” said David Parks, FCA Multi-Area Director in New York. “He always has a unique way of looking at things with the heart of reaching people for Christ. He is continually asking the Lord how He wants to use his gifts and skills (of which he has many, but always with humility). Prayer and service are hallmarks of Steve’s character, and his depth of character and relationship with Christ are an encouragement to so many.”

Powell is married to his wife, Anne.

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