Hall of Champions

Gary Williamson


Gary has done unbelievable ministry work with and through FCA for at least the last 25 years in Columbia, SC and here in Pinellas County, FL. 

Gary has served on and led multiple boards and ministry teams across the Midlands, SC and Florida.

He has been a servant leader as a Board Chair for multiple years. To lead well he attended camps, huddles and countless events to gain an FCA vision that could be shared with other board members, potential board members and community leaders.

Gary has served the ministry selflessly and through come challenging times he has remained faithful. He has opened doors in Carolinas and Florida while serving on search teams for Multi-Area directors positions. When he moved out of the Carolinas after serving for 25 plus years he immediately got plugged in his local area in Florida. He saw a need and became the board chair in Pinellas County (Tampa Bay Area).

Gary has been involved as a board member and Board Chair. His involvement was critical in a difficult time of transition for our FCA area. The Lord used Gary’s gifts of encouragement, positive attitude and humility to keep our team focused on our calling, vision and mission of FCA. His servant heart during critical tie showed an unwavering heart and encouragement to staff and board chairs around him. When he has seen a need in FCA he has jumped in and not looked back.

Gary’s passion for FCA, and the financial, spiritual and physical support he has provided, have been a blessing to the ministry, and an encouragement and a model to the new board members and donors that have joined the team as a result of his efforts. 

Gary has done unbelievable ministry work with and through FCA for at least the last 25 years in Columbia, SC and here in Pinellas County, FL.  I do not believe I would have ever had the privilege of going full-time for FCA 2 years ago had I not met Gary and had his help in pushing my ministry forward. 

He has encouraged me, pushed me, held me accountable and I do not think I could have ever had the impact here in Pinellas without him.  Incredibly, he still supports other FCA ministries as well.  

I saw him involved with student athletes, coaches, and other staff members in our local chapter. Regardless of the stature of God’s instrument within the organization, Gary was always serving others. Incidentally, while visiting with Gary and Ann at their home, it is very obvious of their long term commitment to the cause of FCA by the memorabilia, articles of recognition, etc displayed in his home office. Pretty amazing what one can do for the greater good of another! He clearly lives out his faith in serving every aspect of FCA.

Midlands FCA was embarking on a new era and Gary was instrumental in maintaining the valued reputation and impact it continues to have. Gary’s character is representative of FCA’s core values of excellence, integrity, teamwork and serving. He gave of himself and his time freely and with humility. He used his influence in the community to grow our Midlands Board to a thriving Board and under his leadership we grew our staff and ministry opportunities. “Everything rises and falls on leadership” and Gary was an exemplary leader that others wanted to follow.

Gary’s quiet and humble strength provided the stability we needed in our Board Chair. His constant search and reference in the Lord’s will and ways to further His kingdom through FCA kept our Board on task and focused on walking out the vision and mission of FCA.

Gary’s wife Ann was a perfect partner and encouragement to us also. Their marriage was a picture of how Christ intended for marriage to look with honor, respect and unconditional love for one another and others.

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