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Danny Lotz

A broken leg may have ended his basketball career prematurely, but for Danny Lotz, it also meant a life-changing introduction to FCA.

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Morley Fraser

Morley Fraser used his influence as a popular NCAA Division III football and baseball coach to impact hundreds of athletes with the gospel.

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Carl Erskine

As one of FCA’s charter members, Carl Erskine was one of the first Major League Baseball players to publicly utilize his platform to share the gospel. He remained an active FCA volunteer and supporter throughout his career and served on the National Board of Trustees.

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John Erickson

In 1958, John Erickson attended his first FCA national conference in Lake Geneva, Wis. From there, the basketball coach became actively involved in the organization as the dean of numerous FCA events, a member of both the National Advisory Board and the Wisconsin FCA Board of Directors, and the organizer of an FCA adult Bible study in his home.

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R.V. Brown

In 1977, R.V. Brown committed his life to Christ and became involved with a college FCA Huddle group. Brown’s experience with FCA paved the way for a life of sports ministry and youth evangelism.

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