Hall of Champions

Danny Lotz


A broken leg may have ended his basketball career prematurely, but for Danny Lotz, it also meant a life-changing introduction to FCA. After attending several camps and conferences, Lotz founded the FCA Huddle at the University of North Carolina and would later spend time on the ministry’s national board.

Lotz got his start in athletics in Long Island, New York, where he was an all-state selection in football, basketball, and track. The son of a Baptist minister and well-known street preacher, Lotz played basketball for the 1957 undefeated national championship team at UNC and was the team captain for the 1959 squad.

In 1964, he met Billy Graham’s daughter Anne while attending an FCA conference near the Graham residence in North Carolina. After serving in the Air Force, Lotz proposed to Anne and then spent two months in the United Kingdom evangelizing and hosting basketball clinics as part of the Billy Graham Crusade at Earls Court.

In addition to his notable involvement with FCA and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Lotz operated a successful dental practice in Raleigh, North Carolina. He taught Sunday school for 50 years and served as a leader within the Bible Study Fellowship for over 25 years. Lotz co-founded a weekly men’s Bible study in Raleigh that continues to impact more than 200 participants.

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