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Jon Randles

Jon Randles led hundreds of NCAA chapel services for schools such as Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Oklahoma and LSU—just to name a few. Randles also served as a much-sought-after FCA Camp pastor, sometimes booked five years in advance, and spoke at numerous FCA Fields of Faith events…

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Neil Marthedal

Neil Marthedal served FCA in many capacities on the local and national levels. He died in February 2015 at the age of 63. In California, he served as Central Valley Board Member, as Chairman of Central Valley Local Leadership Board and as an FCA Huddle Leader.

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William “Bill” Hawkins

William “Bill” Hawkins first partnered with FCA during his coaching career and began an FCA presence at many high schools where he coached football. Now, 50 years later, he has also served in FCA leadership at the local level for three decades.

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Dale Haralson

Dale Haralson served on FCA’s National Board of Trustees for many years, and his faithful service and commitment contributed to the success of FCA. He was also a long-time, faithful servant for many years locally, including as chair of the Tucson and Arizona boards for FCA.

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Leah O’Brien Amico

Leah O’Brien Amico is a three-time Olympic gold medal-winning softball player who uses her powerful platform and influence as a decorated and accomplished athlete to bring countless lives to a saving knowledge of Jesus by speaking at FCA events across the country.

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