Hall of Champions

Diana Myers


Myers has served on numerous boards within FCA’s Western Region for over 20 years. She has been there almost from the beginning here in WR to help us get the ministry going and growing to this point. She has also helped FCA leadership throughout the country hire and place staff through her Gifts of Grace ministry. What a blessing she has been and deserves to be considered for Hall of Champions. She is the founder of Gifts of Grace ministry.

Diana is always so helpful, available and willing to help us assess our staff and board members with their spiritual gifts. She is anointed by the Holy Spirit to communicate to people specifically what their spiritual gifts are. She has done so many spiritual gifts tests for FCA and is always willing to come to retreats, participate on phone calls, and new staff interviews with me to assess a staff or board member’s gifts. She has moved people to tears by telling them what their gifts are and how best to use them in ministry. She has served FCA for many years and we are very thankful for her.

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