Hall of Champions

Clendon Thomas

Active in FCA as a speaker, leader and volunteer for 58 years, Thomas gave himself to the ministry through his platform as a standout athlete. He led the nation in rushing in 1955, ’56 and ’57 as a running back at the University of Oklahoma and was an All-American in 1957 before an NFL career that spanned 11 years. Thomas has been a pivotal part of cultivating the ministry in Oklahoma, even helping to secure a plane and volunteering as a pilot to fly staff and speakers around the state.

He attended his first FCA Camp in Estes Park in 1956 and has served on FCA’s National Board of Trustees, chairing the board for two years, and on the State Executive Board in Oklahoma, becoming Oklahoma’s first board president. Thomas is a humble man who loves Christ and the ministry of FCA and has devoted countless hours, talents and resources to further God’s kingdom through the vehicle of athletics. His faithful support to the ministry is invaluable.

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