Hall of Champions

Dick Lane


Dick Lane first volunteered with FCA in 1966 and made an immediate impact that continues to be felt today. As a successful businessman and community leader, he led many fundraising efforts and brought numerous influencers from Kansas City and beyond into the fold. The Kansas City FCA initiated the Dick Lane Scholarship Fund in honor of his service to the ministry.

Lane’s history of civic involvement started in 1934 when he embarked on a 40-year journey as a member of the Boy Scouts. In 1961, he developed a pilot juvenile court rehabilitation program at the Jackson County (MO) Detention Home that was replicated in Dallas, Denver and Washington D.C. Lane also volunteered for many years with Big Brothers Big Sisters and spent more than four decades serving in his local church.

One of his most noble contributions came during a 39-month stint with the Navy during World War II. Lane served on a landing ship and tank, and made 23 trips across the English Channel.

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